Freightliner ServiceLink 4.7.0 download truck diagnostic repair program manuals service parts workshop

Freightliner Diagnostic Kit (Nexiq)
USB-Link Kit include:
• 15′ USB cable;
• 4050486-pin/9-pin vehicle “Y” Deutsch adapter.Software:
• Freightliner ServiceLink 4.7.0.

ServiceLink is a diagnostic and service tool that communicates with the various Electronic Control Units (ECUs) on Daimler Trucks North America LLC (DTNA) vehicles.
Supports diagnostics and parameterization for Freightliner newest class 8 vehicle.

• Supports the Controller Area Network (CAN) protocol for the Cascadia ECUs.
• Nexiq USB-Link adapter will handle all protocols, including the new CAN protocol.
• Supports four new ECUs for the Cascadia model, including:
– Signal detect and Actuation Module (SAM) Cab;
– SAM Chassis;
– Modular Switch Field (MSF);
– Central Gateway.
• Supports the following CAN ECUs functions:
– View faults and clear faults;
– Upgrading ECU software (Flashing);
– Parameters (except for the Central Gateway);
– MSF Switches.
• Provides updated Templates, including new templates that support the CAN ECUs.  • Provides a new enhanced templates toolbar.
• Provides enhanced ECU List information and VIN reporting, including new Conflicting VIN dialog box.

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